We all need to accept the fact that death is inevitable. This realization helps us live each day as if it is our last. It is essential to have a death bed mentality. After every sixty minutes remind yourself about the mortality of life.  Be aware and conscious of the shortness of life and the limited time you have. 

The fact is, the day you are born you are slowly dying from that very moment. There is nothing wrong with it and it is a natural process for any life on earth. 

” And because there is death, so is there existence of life.”

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The meaning of our life is shaped by this simple truth. Look upon life as something beautiful. It is a beautiful thing, so do not be scared of it. It is our ignorance that that leads to the fear of death. 

See the truth of death and remember it along with the contemplation on the selfless deeds you can do. In fact, death is the greatest teacher. It is your friend and liberator. So, remember,

” Live your life as though you are on the verge of death because you are. “

If you remember death, you will learn to live.  It is absolutely our choice, as to whether we want to live in fear of death for our entire lives or make efforts to understand it.  So, overcome this fear by going into the depth of it and consider it as a pause. 

If death as we all know is the last and final moment in our lives, So, why be afraid of it?

Accept death and live life blissfully, so that in our last breath we leave this earth peacefully. 


Love and Regards

Dr. Chitvan