Pranam Swamiji and Jai Shri Hari everyone.

I am writing this post to convey my heartfelt gratitude to my Master, who is verily the Mother Divine, infinite ocean of love, compassion and wisdom. As a mother wants nothing else except her children’s wellbeing and she does everything for that.
That’s what our SWAMI ji has been doing for all from years through his books, blogs,videos,different retreats, Black Lotus app and audible.
It is the grace of Swami Maa that my heart is melting each moment and I feel deep gratitude for everything that is.

As Swami ji has said everyone has its own story to tell based on their labels, mental conditioning and experiences…I also had one which was full of fears and negative emotions…didn’t know what to do with these and started getting anxiety and frequent migraine followed by depression.
It was not like I didn’t have anything good in life but got entrapped in negative thoughts and emotions only.
Some experiences were so deep engrained and I was getting scary dreams and not able to sleep well.
These all used to magnify multifold during full moon and sometimes on no moon days.
I really felt I am on the way of losing sanity.
It all was affecting my health badly.
I attended some alternative healing workshops and was asked to do 40min meditation daily for 40 days.
Closing eyes and focusing on breath itself was a huge task for a few min also.
And then I got the opportunity to attend Swami ji’s camps in 2018 & 2019 an went to Shree Badrika Ashram in 2019 during Shivratri.

During both the camps  and shivratri event I had migraine but could manage to attend….kept crying and praying as I knew only these.

By Swami maa’s blessings I got connected to some devotes who were helping people like me.
I still am amazed that I had never met them but they helped everyone with unconditional love and support.

I got two beautiful series MIND AND DIVINE  & DEPRESSION TO DEVOTION

Both were extremely helpful.

One helped to understand the mind and to identify its tendencies and then to work accordingly
Other helped to sow the seeds of devotion in my heart.

Both became the foundation and helped to form a bond with our beloved Swami maa.

I was getting better with the practice and asked to do the self reflection which helped further.
Then those devotees left me in Swami Maa’s refuge.

Swami ji said all one needs to do is to fix inside that’s what I started doing since then…through the blogs and videos.

I could see significant changes in my mind and life with all his grace and guidance.

To focus on anything was a challenging task…
Devotees helped in that also…found the blogs which I needed underlined and sent …


I contemplated on  these blogs for months & all the negative emotions and memories were fading slowly.

As my mind was getting free from all negativities and started to be in gratitude my health was improving.

Then I was able to close my eyes and started working on my mind with BLACK LOTUS APP , One more gift from SWAMI MAA to transform Life.

I am in deep gratitude for Swami ji and for everyone for all the love, support and guidance.

All glories to beloved Swamiji.

Jai Shri Hari 🙏

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