Being a child of both working parents and the concept of cleaning house being daily brooming mopping ,clothes washing and utensil washing and arrangements and center table aswell dining table and side tables wiping by house help the concept of daily pelmet , skirting ,doors or ralings of windows wiping was new to me aftermarriage! Being a cleanliness maniac ( in her own words) and a house wife and the only purpose of life being spic and span house with daily washed dustbins ,soap dishes or fridge and curtain pelmet rods that too by ownself was very very stressful for me after marriage! Cleaning tiles with acid monthly and washbasins and bathrooms fittings daily gave me night mares! As Swamiji says there can be 2 rights ,my mother in law never thought so ,even a drop of water in kitchen or washroom made her irritated and complain to my husband. Who in turn expected same standards of cleanliness and organizations from me. I was a working professional and conceived a baby first month of my marriage! Each dust or detergent on back of a bowl resulted in Panchayat of my inlaws ,husband ,me and my unborn daughter and we could neither cry nor walk away nor give explanations and neither call back home to my parents! All this created such a fear psychosis in my heart that when my daughter was born the news of my inlaws coming and i used to clean fans ,courtyard ,each nook and corner even climbing mid night on ladder even if i had fever ,cold or body ache still they granted 35% marks to me in there words. I was an mba ,drove my car ,submitted all electricity ,water ,house tax bills and filled admission forms of my child! I was brave to cremate my father myself too but the fear instilled in me made me a chronic back ache patient too. SWAMIJI coming into my life i live in bliss now! But those were the days!