How You Love Yourself

is How You Serve Others….


Feeding the Birds is one of the beautiful RAK for me. After the inspiration from Black Lotus App it’s usually part of my life and my daily schedule as well. Every morning i wake up with an excitement to meet and serve my these little friends.

Recently i shifted to my new house which are at outskirts of city. I decided to build a house at there because of the peaceful and fresh atmosphere around me.

Back to the topic, when i wake up and reached at my terrace , they all are already waiting for me and their foods. So just after my yoga schedule i serve them with food i think they like. The joy i find in feeding them is beyond words.

Here i am just writing my  some experiences in food i serve them. At my old house i usually fed them with satnaja (mixture of seven grains) available from the market. I realised that the mixtures were not properly clean and pure. It includes some dust particles and some wastages. Every where from market i found the same quality. The innocent creatures ate them without any complaints. I wish to offer something more for them. So i decided to  bought 5 different grains separately which are 1) Wheat (Kanak) 2) Millet (Bajra) 3)Rice(chawal) 4) Sorghum (Jwaar) 5) Maze (Makki) and mixed them properly in one basket.

Now what i realised is that the quality of food is better than before and is now without any dirt. The next step i did was clean it with fresh water and filter the food from waste water before offering it to them.  The results are now astonishing, they liked it wholeheartedly and i felt fully contented.

Thanks to lord divine for it.  If you have any other suggestions also or you know something more about it kindly share your suggestions and comments in comment section below. 

Thank a lot.

With Regards,