When I see injustice happening I start to feel really upset. It affects me mentally and sometimes physically. I feel helpless because I know that I cannot do anything about it. 

In such a situation I feel that wouldn’t it be lovely to be in a place far away from civilisation and far away from all the madness which happens frequently. Can you imagine being in divine bliss? What more can one ask for. I know that place to my heart and that’s my little secret. I wouldn’t want anything more then this, in this entire world.  

Perhaps it will take another 1000 number of years or more for peoples mindset to change for the better. Imagine a world where every human being radiates compassion, wouldn’t that be absolutely lovely?

Well for now let’s perhaps dream about that day. Even if one may not be alive to witness this, at least our children of tomorrow can have a better world.  A world of kindness, compassion and pure love for each other and for our Mother Earth whom we are destroying, but yet she lovingly gives. But for how long will she need to endure what is currently happening to her? Being our mother it is the responsibility of her children to protect her and what are we doing?

Hope people will wake up and connect to what is inside them, their true source and hope this world becomes a better place. 





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