“Deepawali is a festival of light, It represents the symbolic victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil”.

This is the common saying we hear every year. I think some sentences we just forward in social media and pay less attention.  When we light a lamp of awareness Deepawali becomes more special.

Few days ago I came across a story I wanted to share with you. This is a story of  KanakDas a grate devotee of Krishna. Kanaka thought he need a guru to realize Shrikrishna so he went to Vyasatheertha. He asked Vyasatheertha to give a mantra. As Kanaka  born in a Shudra family(Consider to be lowest of the four varnas in that time) people laughed at him even Vyasatheertha said “what buffalo mantra I can give it to you?”. Kanaka with smile said “you are my guru if you say buffalo is a mantra for me I will meditate on it”. He just meditated on buffalo with full sincerity and manifested a form of a buffalo!.

This story just melted my heart. I felt how blessed I’m. There is a enlightened master who is working so hard to show us the path and at the same time I felt bad about my ignorance. I felt its not the mantra its not some magical power that change our self, It’s a sincerity that which we work towards. I think Swamiji’s life is live example for that.

Every day every moment can be a festival if we found our inner light. I think walking the path with sincerity and consistency  is a best way to show our gratitude to guru.

Happy Deepawali to all .