In every step of life,be it from a single cell organism to the most advanced organism as human being, each and every being tries to fill in some or the other blank. Water fills the blank of thirst, colors fills the blank of eyes, experiences fill the blank of curiosity and so on… Even after filling up the blanks in the areas of finance, health and relationship, why is it that there is always a blank pending?? No, this is not the pending work thats always there. The blankness that i mention is the one that everybeing tries to fulfill oneself. Can this blank be filled? Why is this blankness?
An infant feels the void and search for the milk on its own. Actually, before even the search for milk, human body search for the breath, and even before that, a small cell searches for the womb to get the human body ! Fact is the search to fill up the blank with so many available choices makes us forget the void itself. More and more relationships, more and more of health oriented acts, more and more of finanace,more and kore of power,beauty and what not…But still the void remains…the whole game of life is this.. A spiritual seeker who turns inwards tries to fill the void from within and stops searching for external objects. A materialistic seeker fills it from external factors. In both cases ,the blank is still blank!!
The winning strategy in this game of life is to stop searching and see that you are the void that has everything already inside. Theres nothing outside that can fill you because there is really no ‘out’ or ‘in’. Theres is only One and One is all. Stop searching and you would see urself filling the blank with your true self and you will realise you are that void, the shunya,the nothingness that holds everything!!

Love & Peace,

Vani Om Anandi