He whose heart beats with his rememberance is the only liberated person
There is no difference between such a man and the Creator
The man whose heart does not throb with the love and devotion of God
There is no difference between him, a pig or a dog
Just as a dog guards his masters house and does not leave it for a moment
Remember him the same way with single minded devotion
If by visiting holy places, giving donations, fasting the ego is strengthened
Then all of them will go waste like a frog having a bath again and again
The head is not steady, legs tremble, eyes have lost their sight
Still you do not sing the song of God
I have known from personal experience nobody stands by any one
The only anchor in life is God
Fill your hearts with devotion to him
The creation of this world is illusory, nothing stays forever
Everything crumbles like a wall of sand
Ram has gone so has Ravaan and all their kith and kin
There is nothing permanent in the world made of dreams
Worry if you must, on the path of this world
Nothing stays forever
All who are born must die
Whether its today or tomorrow
So sing the songs of Hari
And forget the whole rigmarole

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