Let me introduce myself first, I am doctor by profession and my real identity is I am disciple of my Gurudev, Om Swami ji. My journey started, when I moved to Solan in June 2016. Now, when I look back, I feel it’s all Sri Hari’s blessings and My Guru’s grace that finally I found my home in Badrika Ashram and in the lap of divine mother.

Since the time I have met Swami ji, I started contemplating on many things in my life. Our true nature and what is the purpose of my life and many more. Although, they were there earlier also, but as if they were more strong and persistent now. I had never imagined that I will be living in a place, which is totally isolated and away from civilization, after residing in Delhi for eight years. Slowly I accepted that this is what I wanted my whole life, a peaceful and serene environment and Shri Hari has fulfilled my desire. My husband is already a peace lover and silent person, and slowly my children also started liking it. In my deep down heart, I always wanted to do seva in a charitable dispensary. By God’s grace, we met Shamta Ma (Ma in true sense) in one of our visits to Ashram and she had suggested us, that Ashram needs a doctor to run the dispensary. We agreed, because it was our wish for very long and thus, I and my husband stated our new journey. We used to visit Ashram on at least two Sundays a month. It was the most rewarding and fulfilling experience in my whole life. I thought, now I feel as a complete doctor.

Self discipline is the virtue, which I always wanted in my life, Swami ji’s life and teachings gave me strength to follow my dreams. I was always overweight, and then I inculcated healthy habits and mindful thinking in my day to day life. It wasn’t easy, I used to cheat on many days, under the influence of my negative mind. One day I realized, to follow the path and to be true to myself. Divine mother gave me strength for the same. Slowly, especially in lock-down, I spent maximum time on my physical fitness and in 6 months time, I lost 9 kg weight. It was a big achievement for me. Also, now I was more regular for my Yoga and meditation sessions (Thanks to Black lotus App). I felt much lighter and energetic and more happy. I would like to conclude that, You just have to give time and challenge to yourself, as Swami ji always says to do sankalpa regularly for that self discipline is the key. Being females, we always give priority to our family and loved ones. But if you don’t take care of yourself, that family will be broken. Balance is the key. Set your goals and organize yourself and take small steps, especially for your health and spiritual journey. I am writing for the first time. I apologize for my mistakes. My obeisance to the divine in you. Once again, thanks Swami ji for your love and grace in our lives and happy to be part of Om Swami Family.

“सुनते  है तेरी रहमत दिन रात बरसती है, इक बूंद जो मिल जाये, दिल की कली खिल जाये।“

P.S : I have written this post a long back. But I was hesitant in posting. But today on my birthday, I found the courage to post it. Monika Om

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