Find me in the shimmer of the moon

Find me in the shimmer of the moon

As black emerges from a sunken blue

Follow me to the depths of the earth

Where none arrives, except a few

The world is a strange place

It asks too much of us

It desires and it devours

It rages without a hush

So I ask you, to leave it

throw it all away

Instead, gather your footprints

Let me lead the way

Find me in a moment,

Devoid of words and voices

Follow me to that expanse

Where the blazing sun rises

All around us, the world collapses

It crawls into its own embrace

Let it be, let it burn

Wipe that worry off your face

For at this moment, we are here

You are me

And I am you

In this moment of understanding

Black blazes like a shining blue