The joy of dining in a restaurant is always accomplished at the end by using finger bowls to clean our oily ,gravy ladened and smelly fingers ,just happy at the feeling of not being eaten with tasty meal as part of side dish! Half warm water filled with silver coloured sparkling steel bowls having the beautiful lemon slice in it as if a gold fish swimming in pond! Years of dining at restaurants and dad being a hotelier these are some of the finger bowl users i found..

1 ) Squeezers…..they squeez the lemon with all their might to extract its juice in the finger bowl and rubb the squeezed lemon 🍋slice on each nail to become spic and span. 2) Chhhapa chappp…These diners move their fingers in hot lemon water in a way that all around is a lemony drizzle! 3) lemon tea digesters…..The rustics or first time restaurant goers realy thank the waiter for taking care of their digestion ,they squeeze the lemon and put the bowl on their lips to drink digestive lemon water. 4)Strugglers….They are underconfident people concious that all r mocking at them only ,they just peep what neighborhood diners are doing and either copy their hand cleaning techniques or don’t use the finger bowls. 5) Quizzers…they have questions even for finger bowls…is this bisleri water? Is this Ganga water ? Is this jamuna water? Is this aqua guard water? 6) Thermometers … They keep checking temperature of water and telling waiter either to make it warmer or colder. 7) Social butterflies….they click their selfies with finger bowls and put locations on insta…using finger bowl after a hearty meal! . ……… . 8)Arm dippers….instead of cleaning their fingers ,they clean hands ,palms, wrists and elbows too. 9) Lip and teeth cleaners…they rub the lemon of finger bowl around their lips and teeth too…oh the clean lemony tangy feeling . 10) Tissue paper and hanky dippers…..they dip tissues or hankies in finger bowls and wipe their hands ,mouth and maybe face too! Friends these are some of the finger bowl users i have seen ,u may tell which is your style in comments aswell add some lot ,i might have missed.

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