As I had mentioned in a comment on my earlier post, the game we played wasn’t as goofy after all. The finish-the-story game can serve both as a writing exercise and a spiritual practice. How? Read on to know.

The Spiritual Side

We might not have overthought it, but a lot went within you while playing that game. Your mind experienced a spiritual transformation for a few moments. Then, due to that calming state, you went into a state of flow. All of this happened within the blink of your eyes or even less!

Your Innate Experience

Here’s what you naturally experienced while playing the game:

  • Courage to let go: To do something goofy or try out something new in public needs courage. The braveness to step out of our comfort zone. So, each person who participated must give themselves a pat on the back! You gathered the courage to break free and show what breaking the mind’s conditioning means.
  • No expectations: You didn’t want anything from the others who wrote the story along with you. You focused on doing your part. Then, you sat back and enjoyed the creativity of others without any expectation. Carrying that attitude towards life is bliss!
  • Playing our part well: When you wrote your part, you did your best. That’s because you wanted to enjoy the fun of participation. Besides that, you didn’t think much about how the story progressed. That’s the art of non-attachment. In other words, you live the way you feel is best, but you don’t bother changing others.
  • No ownership issues: Who owns that story? Nobody can claim ownership, yet the part I wrote belongs to me. Likewise, Nature owns my life and takes many decisions, but a portion of my life also depends on how I live it. Being comfortable with that shared ownership is surrendering to Nature.
  • Flowing along: Mostly, you just watched the story drift along. When it was your turn to write, you tried to give it some structure. In a nutshell, that’s what you feel when you live in harmony with Nature. You work smart to handle what’s in your hand, but you gladly accept the direction Nature is steering you along.

The State of Flow

In essence, what you experienced while playing that “funny” game was an advanced state of mind. You naturally went into a mindset called the flow. That transcendental state is the source of our creativity.

All of us have the natural ability to tap into that flow state. Currently, we do it automatically for a few moments here and there. With practice, we can enter that state, retain it, and exit from that at will.

Living in that state of flow is termed as Leela or the Divinely playful mindset. The more we let go and embrace creativity, the easier it becomes for us to reach the state of Leela. That is, creativity of any sort makes our spiritual journey faster.

Further, one method to open up our minds is to play such creative games. As you can see, we don’t have to be Mr. or Ms. Serious at all times to do Sadhana. At times, being a goofball can bring about profound spiritual growth!

The Creative Writing Side

The finish-the-story game that we played is a tool used to teach creative writing skills. When we start writing, many people experience the fear of creativity. Even if there isn’t any fear, there may be reluctance, lack of inspiration, or laziness.

This story game uses the support of a community to help us overcome those hurdles. When everyone is goofy, it becomes easy for us to do that as well. While doing that, our mind relaxes and allows us to create better.

Conclusively, if we pay attention to it, we’ll find that creative writing is a highly spiritual activity. It’s a form of meditation that everyone can learn. Now, will each one of us write a smash hit like J.K. Rowling? I’m not so sure about that. Yet, with practice, we can all definitely become good creative writers.

So, play this finish-the-story game often. More so, encourage your kids by playing it with them. They’ll thank you in the future when they create almost effortlessly with confidence!