I guess fire has a characteristics of a GOD

Fire’s chemical formula is
( CO2  H2O ) heat energy
as you can see it has water and air as well plus energy which runs the universe

A single candle can light thousands candles without loosing its single property. like devine is present everywhere with same intensity and same property.
It behaves in same manner with everybody . Thats why its considered the purest thing on Earth and in hindu dharma religious and marriage activities are performed in front of fire. And we consider its a living thing thats why we called it Agni Sakshi (Fire the witness).
When Food and Water comes in contact with fire they become purest and safe to have by anybody.

Fire can be destroyer as well as a creater even though destruction is a part of creation .

Most importantly Fire gives us light and remove darkness . Light and darkness cannot stay at one place even though without knowing darkness we cannot Experience light .
Fire can have a form of very micro like a spark as well as very vast like Sun . I guess fire is the biggest example of presence of Devine God.

With love