Oops! My fingers were burning.

On the Diwali night, when there were fireworks outside, I was feeling fireworks inside my body too. The burning sensations in the fingers of my left hand made me uncomfortable and uneasy. According to Siddh Yogi Vishalbhai Pandya, “It’s easy to feel Kundalini Energy because it’s a forceful and concentrated energy that quickly moves through chakras. People usually feel the burning sensation in the part of the body where the energy resides.”

I experienced it while doing my routine prayers. Surprisingly, I was not doing any particular sadhana. The sensation of burning was more in the index and middle finger although it was shifting in between all the fingers and the thumb. The area of upper knuckles was burning intensely as if this part of the body part had been immersed in the boiling water.

Deepak Chopra said, “The physical sensation like burning is most likely due to the body releasing some old traumatic experience. Sometimes the release process triggers strong physical sensations. Know that this clearing away of the old trauma is a good thing, and that when it is finished the burning sensation will ease up and stop. Then one will have a smoother meditation experience again.”

The burning sensation in the left palm remained even after I finished meditation. The feeling lingered for nearly half an hour before completely disappearing.

According to the book ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’, “The almost unknown spiritual experience described in the scriptures as Mahā–bhāva, the most exalted rapture of divine love is the extreme exaltation had been described as manifesting itself through nineteen physical symptoms, including the shedding of tears, a tremor of the body, horripilation, perspiration, and a burning sensation. These were the symptoms of madness, madness for God!”

I frequently experienced shedding of tears, tremor in my body, perspiration and burning sensations around the chakras and now burning sensation in my fingers. I have never gone through the feeling of horripilation. Hope that my madness for God grows by leaps and bounds!

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