The Fit India Movement was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 29th August 2019, which happens to be the birth The anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand, the hockey wizard, is also celebrated as the National Sports Day.

It aims to promote health and wellness among Indians of all ages by including physical activity and sports in everyday life. The event was launched in the Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi, India.

Fit India Movement is aimed at encouraging people to give priority to sports and  fitness; state governments, corporates and celebrities to take part in the event to  make it a grand success.While launching the Fit India Movement, the prime minister  emphasized the emerging threat of lifestyle diseases. India, as a developing country,  is at the crossroads of emerging disease processes.

It has a burden of existing  infectious diseases, like tuberculosis, cholera, malaria, etc., and is also facing the  brunt of non-communicable diseases like coronary artery disease, cancer, and  stroke. 

The Fit India movement works with the idea that physical activities are really important for a longer and healthy life. Through this movement, people were urged to move 10,000 steps minimum, daily. It is ironic that with the advancement of technology, we have started walking less and it’s the same technology that keeps on reminding us to walk more.

Physical activities are the core for a long working human body, to excel in any aspect or field, for any individual. For the same, getting proper education in the field of physical education is also a must. 


Being a part in this movement, National Cadet Corps encouraged the cadets  to do physical activities in their hometown. Many cadets took part in this movement by practicing physical activities. I too took part in this movement, with the guidance given by NCC in our school .  At the end of this series, a 2 Km Plog Run was organised in view to give tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October 2020.

  Fit India Mission is a vital need of this hour. By this, the citizens are encouraged to do their part to make India fitter. Everyone should involve themselves in making them fit. 




Author – Luv Sarpal