Love is an intense feeling of deep affection or a great interest and pleasure in something or feeling deep affection for someone. Today I will discuss some Relationship tips for a strong and happy relationship or to know whether he truly loves you or if time passes. Must Read it carefully for a better future Relationship and follow it in your lives. You can ask any question relating to relationship problems in the comment section and I will definitely try to solve your problem. 


Best Relationship advices:

1. Don’t talk about divorce or break up in a relationship. 

2. Breaking the relationship should not be the option in your life. 

3. When you are hurt or sad, try to forgive your life partner because no one is perfect. 

4. Always behave nicely with your partner. There are two ways of talking so always choose lovely and kind words. 

5. Always communicate with your partner because no matter what the problem is, it can be solved with good communication. 

6. Whatever the situation is, Don’t lie to your partner. 


Why do most relationships break?? 

Generally people don’t leave you because you have made so many mistakes but they leave you because you repeat one mistake several times, there is a difference between both the points. So just try to correct that one mistake as soon as possible and also put efforts to save your relationship before it’s too late.


What’s the best gift to give your partner? 

Is it Chocolate, Flower, Teddy bear, Jewelry, Clothes?? 

No, it’s not.

The best gift to give your partner is your time, attention, care and most importantly your Love. To spend money on someone is very easy but to give them the part of your life matters the most. 


Just saying ” I love you ” doesn’t make love, You have to show care for each other in Love. No matter how busy you are, you have to make time for each other and give attention to each other. That’s true love. 


Best advice :

Stop Chasing your love, he himself will come to you, if his love is true. If he will not come back then it simply means that he doesn’t love you truly so It is better to end the relationship than to continue the relationship.


If there is a very good person in your life, then appreciate him in time. Don’t think that no matter what you do, they will not leave you. The reality is that everyone gets tired of silliness. Once they are gone you will find them in every human but they will not be found anywhere and you will regret. 


Four signs that he loves you :

1. They wait the whole day to talk to you for a while. 

2. They cry when you cry. 

3. No matter how sleepy they are, they will not sleep until you will not feel sleepy. 

4. They scold you when you don’t take care of yourself. 


Three signs that they are doing time pass:

1. They still flirt with others. 

2. You are not their priority. 

3. Firstly, they call others before calling you. 


Relationships never die due to Long distance, they die because of ego, ignorance and doubts. So leave your ego aside and focus on your relationship. EGO is just a small three letter word which can destroy a big twelve letter word called RELATIONSHIP. 


For happy and strong relationship follow these two tips :

1. Always make your partner feel that he is your priority. 

2. Always tell your partner how much you care for them. 

You don’t have to do these two things just by speaking your tongue and showing both the things in your antics as well then see how your relationship will start changing. 


Whenever there is any problem in your relationship, don’t think that you are fighting against your partner, just think that you both are in one team and you both together are fighting against the problem. If you keep this thing in mind then you can face the problem together. 


Make the relationship with that person who do these five things :

1. Who doesn’t lie to you and show loyalty to you. 

2. Who respects you, your family and your thoughts. 

3. Who makes you their priority. 

4. When there is a fight, he resolves by sitting and talking to you neither screams at you nor ignores you. 

5. Who likes you because you’re a good person not because you look good. 


What’s True Love? 

It’s normal to miss someone when you are alone or free but to miss someone when you are enjoying or surrounded by lots of people is true love. You deserve someone who calls you in between his busy hours in day time when he has a lot of people to talk to but he chooses you to talk with him, not that person who calls you at night when all others sleep. 


What a girl wants….. 

She wants that guy who never makes her cry, on whom she can blindly trust. She is tired of crying the whole night after that person who doesn’t care for her. She wants that guy who can hug her tightly and say that ” everything will be fine, i am with you and will always be with you”. 


What type of girl a boy wants….. 

Every boy needs a girl in his life with whom he can share everything. The things which he can’t share with his family and friends can be shared with that girl. 


Any questions regarding relationship or Love? You can ask it in the comment section? Hope it will help you…… 


Always there for you guys ❤


            Author – Palak Bedi

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