Imagine yourself as a big giant body and each and every cell of yours are living inside you with similar faces.

One thing is common since all are connected to the Source and everyone have idea of their existence.They all can see oneness.

Now,what if your one cell got fed well and other being deprived of food.The one who got fed well serves its purpose in this giant body but the other one will start deteriorating and it’ll effect the giant body which in returns start effecting other cell also which got fed well previously and creating havoc in the whole system.

Now, apply the same concept in our world.Whole world as a giant body and each cell as a human being.So,it is sheer ignorance to think like we have to fed(not only food but thoughts etc also)well only ourselves not other beings.That’s why the concept of ‘वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् ‘ holds so much of value.

To treat this whole Universe as a object is sheer ignorance.This Universe has its own life force and it should be treated as a living entity.May be that’s why Science can never explain the concept of Love.

It is impossible for modern day scientists to get a nerve on the fact that someone can love gravitational waves as his/her own mother,someone can love the air as his/her own mother, someone can love fire as his/her mother, someone can love water as his/her own mother.

It is impossible for them to contemplate that whenever air blows someone can feel the same intense kiss by his/her beloved on his/her cheeks.It is impossible for them to contemplate that someone can love the motion,the friction,the heat, every damn thing in this Universe.

It is impossible for them to contemplate that someone can cry for running on the ground as it can hurt Her Mother Earth.

That’s why India is not merely a country of a landmass.No, we are not holy Ganges…no, we are not gigantic Himalayas…no,we are not the beauty of the Kashmir Valley….rather we are the emotion that saw his/her Maa in holy Ganges as water…that saw his/her Maa standing as rock in the North…that saw his/her Maa as a beautiful princess in Kashmir Valley.

India is not a physical country.It is an embodiment of love,the only emotion we are aware of.That is the beauty of Santana Dharma.

So five problems or fifty,whatever, there is only one solution and that is love.Love is unity,Love is oneness,Love is sacrifice,Love is Moksha,Love is non duality.

नफरत आप किसी को चुन कर सकते है पर इश्क में आप चुनाव नहीं कर सकते… या तो आप सबसे प्यार करते है…या तो किसी से नहीं करते। Rest all is Saudebazzi,feel free to call it love😅



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