In the name of education, we are disseminating only facts, information and stupidities to our children.

“Does parroting out few facts imply being educated ?”

I fail to visualize the rationale behind memorizing, for instance, the span of World War II when every knowledge is now readily available at the click of the mouse.

Educational System
based primarily on “rote learning” is damaging the country immensely.

Most of the students find it tedious, bunk off classes on flimsy excuses.
Anti-social activities by the youth are on the rise.
Question paper leaks and examination malpractices have become commonplace.

Anybody having ability to retain some details stands good chance of becoming a civil servant.

No wonder dimwitted, thick skinned “babus” lacking ingenuity, are in profusion.

It is high time for the teachers to emphasize on “meaningful learning” rather than “rote learning”.

Our nation already has copious “parrots”.
We now badly require “revolutionaries”.

Teachers must endeavour to inculcate “rebelliousness” among the students.

We desperately need imaginative individuals who refuse to tread the worn out, useless paths and think out of the box.

India had the long tradition of imparting “meaningful and interactive learning”.

Lord Rama spent fourteen years in forests meditating, learning from the Nature and brooding over the problems of the masses, before ascending the throne.

Ram Rajya can only be reestablished if the learning system gives precedence to “Wisdom” over “Knowledge”.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~