Flight or Fancy

I write a Line,

Sometimes two,

When they rhyme,

I do too.

In my steps,

A rhythm flows.

In my heart,

The music grows.

Almost busting at the seams.

Minds at peace,

In the afterglow.


Having touched a sublime peak,

My insides know,

Tis not me,

Who does the show.


Like an eagle,

Taking flight,

Soaring heights,

My mind fly’s,

To unknown places,

Bringing glimpses

To the known.

Flight or Fancy

Who’s to know.

Call of the Winds – Play of the Gods

When the winds dance,

Dance Along,

When they rage and howl,

Step back a little – watch.

Learn – pour your heart out,

Cry if you must.


When they sing,

Sing along.


When it gently wafts its presence,

Feel – hear the wisperings,

Hear HIS song.


When in its silence you cannot find;


He is there my friend,

Playing hide and seek,

Play Along.

As needs we must,

For not to play,

We’d miss the bus.




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