Deep in the valley of my thoughts
The wind blows hard and strong
Just as a lonely cloud floating leisurely by
I gently move along.

From one direction to another
The wind keeps taking me along
I’m entertained at first
But later ready to give up.

The wind is persistent
And I’m exhausted.

Just then the Mountain lends its majestic hand
Magnificent, mighty, compassionate, and true
I hold onto it tight.
And my heart melting away
A familiar feeling strikes
For that’s where I belong
My eyes sparkle with joy and tears rolling down my cheeks
I finally lay down on the lushly green grass
The woody scent speaking to my heart
The chirping of the birds and the buzzing of the bees.

And silence as my song.

Note – Above is an attempt to pen down my thoughts and feelings. Not at all a writer, so thank you for kindly bearing with me…ย