Today there is no intro! Let’s get straight to business. I want to share 10 wisdom hacks about life which I learned through the years. You might already know about them all, so I am sure that a reminder cannot harm anyone, right? Or maybe you will find all, some, a few or none of it useful! Let’s see!

1. You are not your thoughts!

You have thoughts and you can shift your attention to new thoughts at any. moment!

2. People will always have an opinion or advice about anything and everything.

Whether you ask or not.
But they are not always right. You do not have to believe them! The choice is always yours.

3. Doing the best you can, in any situation, will bring you peace of mind.

Try it!

4. When you find yourself stuck in the same rut over and over again, that is a tendency of your mind which is manifesting.

It needs to be addressed. Now. Dig deeper and get to the root of it!

5. Problems can only be solved if we tackle the root cause!

There is always a seed which needs to be burnt. Solving the symptom will not get rid of the issue.

6. Life is simple if you live by your principles.

What is your principle? Truth? Kindness? Righteousness? Love? 
Find out and live by it!

7. Everyone is doing the best they can!

Anything humans tell us is a manifestation of their conditioning. All opinions, beliefs, advice and behaviours are due to our conditioning and tendencies.

They don’t have control over them and that’s how we can be compassionate towards all! Including self-compassion.

8. An adult is just a child in a grown-up body!

Parents already have their own lives, issues and desires to handle, yet they put everything aside and handle other little humans. Let’s be kind.

9. Sometimes those who are surrounded by a lot of people are the loneliest, e.g. celebrities, popular individuals, etc.

Let’s be compassionate and see beyond the facades.

10. We can know ourselves through our behaviour, choices, preferences and the quality of our relationships.

And sometimes a friend, mentor or God himself can help us in seeing ourselves better.

11. No one is bad!

Arrogance, anger, violence or any bad behaviour are all just a scream for help. Love is the only cure but when their walls are up, prayer can help. No one is bad, and the badder they seem the more help they need!

Yes, badder is not a word, but why not? I did this on purpose, because of no.12: The path towards freedom is to rise above our conditioning.

Conclusion? Life has no conclusion, it just is!