Flowers are forever 2Flowers are forever 3Flowers are forever 4

Flowers are forever 5 Flowers are forever 6

Words look shallow in front of beauty these flowers emenate.

Flowers are one of the best of best creations of Creator.

When woven together with such devotion, their colourful beauty enhances multifold.

कहते हैं न

जिसकी रचना इतनी सुन्दर

वो कितना सुन्दर होगा……

When my ONCE very active mind understood the significance of flower offerings to deities, my perspective took a 360 degree turn.  The same me who never ever felt any attraction towards such heavy flower decorations in temples, started to see the actual beauty behind the beauty seen with eyes. And this is what matters most.

Now whenever I get the divine opportunity to come across such beautiful decorations, a cool flow of emotions run through my BEING. I feel so grateful and blessed to experience this transformation. Along with getting answers for mind, the divine blessings play the greater part. 

This is something to be experienced, more than just knowing it or reading it. REALLY.


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