August 2020, Rajesh was extremely busy taking over his new office and its responsibilities. Our truck had arrived from Vizag to Karanja and it was raining cats and dogs. I was totally new to the place and there were so many formalities to be completed from letting in the truck inside our campus to taking over of our new house. Defence people have strict rules and protocols to follow. It was then, when Lt Vivek, offered great help which was more than required of a naval officer. It was a sign of relief for me and a wonder for his humbleness.

September 2020, without any further delay, once my house was set up, I invited him for dinner to express my gratitude for the selfless help he had rendered. Usually, in our naval family we all help each other in moving in and moving out and many other things, but he helped an extra mile. So, it was our time to reciprocate.

When he came in the evening, he was holding a huge pot of rose plant. “Ma’am, I could not find any bouquet shop as all are closed due to covid lockdown, so I got this plant for you from the nursery”, he said hesitantly.  I gave him a broad, loving smile as I was really happy to see his innocence and thanked him again for this wonderful gesture and welcomed him inside. “You know bouquet will dry soon, this plant will give me flowers every season. Roses are my favorites. Thanks for this thoughtful gift”, I told him and he relaxed instantly.

I nurtured the plant with water and tea leaves manure and lot of love.

Any guesses?  On November 30, 2020, yes, yes on Swamiji’s birthday the plant blossomed with the first flower. I had a divine feeling, super delighted and was on cloud nine.

I offered the first rose flower to Swamiji at my altar. The queen of my garden, the rose was at the Lotus feet of my Prabhu. It was as if she chose this special day to come for Swamiji. Picture shared below of 30th Nov 2020.

Flowers 1

Since then the plant is blossoming to the fullest. Today’s pic (21st May 2021)

Flowers 2

Flowers are such a beautiful way to express our emotions. Flowers make us happy. They immediately bring smile to our face. Flowers symbolize emotions and love. Sometimes, flower means goodbye and other times it means new beginnings. Flower means I am sorry. It represents I miss you. Flower means an encouragement to get well soon. It also means hope. They express gratitude, sympathy, condolences. They signify purity. They signify love.

Let us get mesmerized in their beauty and appearance.

When words fail, flowers speak!


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