Written : 28 Oct. 2020

Edited : 18 Nov. 2021


The world so dark & foggy 

as far as the eyes could see

Lies and betrayals walk so free

under the sky that has no shine,

without a ray of hope, so malign…


Auden says :

“Follow poet, follow right

To the bottom of the night.”


We, poets, are the voices

that will reach

to hearts of the

ages that come!

What we “farm today

with our verse”,

Would become one day 

a “vineyard of the curse”.


The ninety-nine lies clear 

to me like crystals,

only one truth I run looking

from door-to-door,

Please stay true to me

my beloved?

The day we build 

a world of magic

isn’t so far away!


Till then I’ll listen to Auden say:

Follow poet, Follow right“.

And will keep walking step-by-

step, not losing my sight, so 

for the Truth & Justice we fight

and build a world

brighter than the bright.



*This poem is highly inspired by 2 beautiful poems*

  1. In Memory of W.B. Yeats‘ written by ‘W.H. Auden’. (He is the Auden that I referred to twice in my poem. Also I have used little phrases as it is from Auden’s poem, like for eg: “vineyard of the curse”). It is certainly the best Elegy, that I’ve come across till date. If you’re poetically inclined, I urge you to read it too 🌸
  2. Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold (This poem by Arnold has this feeling, which kind of made a place in my heart. While writing & editing the above poem, I constantly felt the same feeling. It has no direct connection with my poem, as far as I know 😉


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