We live in urban Apartments. Diwali was two days ago. We were enjoying a lazy Sunday. But as a mother, I was busy in the kitchen preparing dishes for my kids. The doorbell rang, it was the time for the garbage man to takeout our garbage. I opened the door but instead of Gopi uncle, a boy around 10 to 11 years was standing in front of our door. “Auntie handover the garbage polythene to me as grandpa is absent today.” The little boy told me with a cute smile. As I was busy I hurriedly handed over the polythene and closed the door. While cutting the vegetables I was thinking that it would have been better if I could give him some sweets or toffees to the little kid. Looking from the window sill, I saw the boy was preparing to dump the polythene in the trash bin but instead of dumping it he sat in the floor and opened the polythene. With all the waste, there were two packets of sweets, with 2 to 3 leftovers remaining in the box. The boy, on finding these sweets became very happy. He kept them in separate polythene. Then, to my horror, he kept searching for more sweets in the trash and kept them all in the polythene. There was a twinkle in his eyes. The smile was so pure. This single incident changed my whole perspective towards food. I never waste food and also taught my kids,“ Food is another form of God.

To waste food is to insult the Almighty ”. May the Universe provides food to all the living creature.

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