I am crawling out of the mud
Hoping to tumble onto a lotus


A bit of rain
A little bit of sunshine
Amidst the storm and thunder
I begin to sprout
One leaf
Then another
I keep growing
Petal by petal


And then it dawns
I am the lotus


I will bloom
I will survive
I will grow
And reach for the skies


I have a long journey ahead
I cant see the shore


I tumble
I fall
I get up again and crawl


I must remember
This time round I am not alone


I must remember
When one walks the path
One becomes the path



P.S. This is my humble and flawed journey so far. I tumbled upon Swamiji’s blog / videos by accident and the rest is history. On this auspicious day of Guru Purnima, I wanted to dedicated this to my Guru, Swami ji and my OS Family who have held my hand and embraced me as their own. You all have helped me become a better person. For that I am ever so grateful 🙏