About one and a half years ago I joined os.me to become a tiny part of Swamiji’s venture and to satiate the writer in me. Writing has always been my preferred source of communication. So I thought I will write on os.me regularly.
However, this idea soon dwindled when I got into my exam cycle. I am a dental surgeon, but halfway into my course I had realised that I was way more passionate about public administration and foreign affairs than I could ever be about the art and science of dentistry. Nonetheless, I completed my course and then embarked onto a different journey in an attempt to fulfil my dream. The journey to achieve my dream has been ironically the opposite of being dreamy. It has been full studying day after day, year after year with immense uncertainty. This made it difficult for me to think about anything other than what I was studying. Although I must admit that throughout this ongoing crazy journey I have not only attained immense knowledge but also become a better, more resilient, determined and sorted person. Also, I have literally felt my brain beam with joy every time I learn wonderful new concepts, it is wonderful feeling I can’t explain in words. 
So due to my focus on exams I decided to concentrate on my studies and hardly posted anything. However, what I missed the most was the amazing community that we have on this platform. Everyone is so encouraging, optimistic and spreading love and light in their own special ways. This is not surprising given the fact that we are guided by Swamiji’s love and blessings. But I can no longer resist my urge to write and so I have decided to start posting again. However, as I am still in the exam cycle and it is difficult for me to think anything apart from what I study, I would be sharing the knowledge that I have attained throughout my preparation for exams. I would be writing about international affairs, social issues, economic issues, art and culture, my lovely country India among other topics.

Now, why would you all read about such stuff on a spiritual platform? Well, over the course of my preparation I have come to realise and I am sure you all must have realised it at some point in life that almost all mainstream media is often biased and force feeding you manufactured opinions rather than providing information. The news today is more of propaganda rather than an attempt to spread information. As citizens of 21st century democracies, it is our right to have true and unbiased information in order to form informed opinions based on our own intellect and question our political class. It will be my attempt to bring you true and unbiased information so that you can get in depth knowledge about important issues and form independent opinions. 

Lastly, who is Vikrant? Well, Vikrant is my cousin. What is he doing in my post? Here is the story.
On 30th March, 2020 I received an e-mail from him titled “A New Venture”. This new venture was a blog that Vikrant was about to launch focusing on global affairs. He had invited me as one of the guest writers. The penultimate paragraph of the e-mail read, “The target for the start of this blog is Wednesday, April 8, 2020.” Now, this surprised me as April 8 is my birthday. Later that night during our conversation over the phone Vikrant told me that I had got him interested in international affairs and so he wanted to launch the blog on my birthday. 
For a person like me who is confident and determined but at the same time very emotional and compassionate, normal response would have been teary eyes with loving words for my baby cousin. However, my response was not quite like that because I did not know how to react. You see over the years, I have freely expressed my feelings to family and friends, made sure to encourage them when they feel low, tell them they are loved and are special and they can always reach to me to talk about difficult stuff because this how Swamiji made me feel when I felt like I was at the bottom of a very deep ocean. But apart from Swamiji, my amazing parents and brother and some very close people, no one else had done something so special for me, neither I expect anyone to do so. So, I did not know how to respond. 
Nonetheless, I politely thanked him and quickly changed the topic and later wrote an article for his blog. As I mentioned earlier when my exam cycle starts rolling everything else becomes blurry and disappears from my mind. The same happened with Vikrant’s blog to which I was unable to contribute due to my jam-packed study schedule.
When I recently visited his house after more than 2 years I was reminded of his blog as we hardly have any similar interests other than international affairs. Also, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict was too tempting a topic to miss out on writing as I knew a lot about it. So, I decided to restart my journey of writing on os.me with an article that I have written for Vikrant’s blog which I will post immediately after finishing this. I would also request you to show support to his blog, “THE GLOBAL TELESCOPE” and its Instagram and Twitter handles as well as YouTube channel by the same name. There are a bunch of youngsters who are writing on the blog and it is great to see them spend their energy and time positively. 

In the end, I hope you will enjoy my future articles and expand your horizons of knowledge. May your brain also beam with joy just like mine does when it learns amazing new stuff.