It’s not easy to Love someone

It’s that one thought

Thought to be together

To spend some time together

To grow together

But what hurts most

We can’t be together

Our destiny takes us through a different route

I don’t know why I saw you that day

May be it was supposed to happen

But I remember my happiness

Yes, I was happy to see you

Out of the blue 

Your profile popped up there

I was surprised to see you there

I cross checked whether it was you

Or just your fake account

To my surprise it was you

But you were not there for me

Maybe I’m not the best for you

But atleast I can be yours for sure

I only have my love to offer


I didn’t realised how much I loved you

I tried my best to Hate you

But more I tried more I fall in love with you

I know you never dreamed of someone like me

But I can assure I’m not that bad

I tried to maintain a distance

I tried to get busy with others

I was thinking of you all the time

When I was supposed to forget you

I just hope we two stay together

Can you please be with me

Stop me when I’m going wrong

It’s 02:00 am and I’m thinking of you

It’s you only and only you in my mind right now

I’m sorry for everything