Mikshika….yes that was the lovely name i gave to my forced tiny pet who entered my house uninvited from the crack of my blue window! I dint accept her and tried to shoo her away but it dint have ears to hear my displeasure, i almost acted like a grand slam tennis champion with Makhi maarna flat netted racket and my hands to squeeze it and prove my dexterity but it was smarter than me caressing my eyes ,nose or cheeks! To woo me further to accept her love she played music in my ears …whiz blizz,whizz,blizz! To become a companion in participating in a satsang it heard all the You tube discourses doing aarti of my mobile! So that i dont feel lonely having chowmein alone with husband at work and kids in school Mikshika howered on my food and tried to taste it getting some slaps but my anytime anywhere and ever present pet which had come as a dog and then a bob cat as its transportation vehicle from the near by movie hall was smarter to save itself. Sddenly my father inlaw came with the Black hit and ended my dream of chewing my pet from my exclusive tea swimming as makhee choos aswell dint let me use the Fly as an alarm for my over sleeping kids to get up or also leave the junk choclate ,chips or buger by sitting on them!

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