I lost my aunt yesterday very sweet person. I haven’t seen her shouting at anyone in my life. She couldn’t keep an emotion inside. Happiness or sadness everything she shared to everyone she knew. She had the innocence of child at 75 yrs of age. She didn’t understand like us where she should talk what. Some people never grow up. 

She had a son and a daughter. Both well educated. Daughter lives in India. Son lives in Canada. Both Son and mother had some fight and son stopped talking to her mother from couple of years. Every single person she knew, she kept telling that her son doesn’t talk to her and used to cry. Son is also a good person, may be some differences they had spoiled their relationship. Her husband expired couple of years back. She lived with her daughter and her daughter took very good care of her mother. Even her son-in-law took good care of her. Her daughter gave her every comfort that any person at that age requires. But nothing could satisfy the heart of the mother who craved to talk to her son. Yesterday morning she remembered her son, checked all his old pics. Showed her daughter how beautiful her son was. Updated her WhatsApp pic in which her son, herself and husband were there in good old times. Night suddenly after dinner, cardiac arrest and she left us in few minutes. May be it was a way of telling her son a last good bye. Though we were all there we couldn’t fulfill her last wish . Her son-in-law did the funeral. Though we have everything that we can imagine, we humans still crave for one thing that we don’t have.

How much ever big mistake your parents might have made, please forgive them and let it go. It is natural for humans to make mistakes. Try to remember the good old days that you had with them and just let it go. Talk to them, may be that is all they need at that age. I know there are parents who are toxic but at least when they repent for their actions, please forgive.

Everything is temporary, emotions, thoughts, people and scenery. Do not become attached to good or bad, just flow with it. We cant do anything after they pass away

Gurudev let her soul rest in peace


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