Maa, with the teary eyes 

I beg thee 

Beseeching thee 

Forgive me maa 

For those transgressions 

Each day the silvery dagger 

Slashes my heart 

My hands cakes with red 

 Each day I vow 

To lead a virtuous life 

But each day I fail 

Death is all wish for 

Grant me this boon 

I beg thee 

With your loving hands 

Squeeze living breath from my soul.

If not mother then 

Take me in your laps 

And let me not fail 

Bless me so I may not fail again 

Grant me death boon maa 

Or wipe tears of blood 

Which I have shed for aeons 

In penance for your grace 

You came to me in your 

Most benevolent form 

Mother I beg thee 

To forgive me maa 

Is only thing I ask for 

Let the new birth be me mother 

For once maa I may 

Giggle innocently 

Of a child lost to the 

War of time 

So once more maa 

I may look myself in my eyes 

Forever to live in your lap

To again play with your aanchal 

Is all I wish now 

A crying life asks you maa 

To take him from this world 

Which betrayed me 

Corrupted me let me 

Born again by your grace maa.

Grant me boon of death maa 

Or grant me the boon of love and forgiveness.


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