Forgiveness is compassion for others who offend you. The surrender to let go of the offence is freedom. Liberation is letting go of fear. The journey is facing the fact we are all connected. We all walk a similar journey. We all offend or uplift others. Forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others is the only way to let go of the past. The past, present, and future are all one.
The trajectory of the future is to reach your full potential. The journey is solely about you. How you perceive the world in front of you determines the outcome. Surrender is accepting we have control over our own actions, our own thoughts, and our own feelings. We have no control over the outcome. Forgiveness is not so much about others, but releasing yourself from their perception of reality.

When you put 100% in to achieve your greatest effort to serve your dharma, it is all you can do. The world may not approve of you being on your path, but yet you choose to show up for your calling to impact many lives. Forgiveness is letting go of the idea that others will never understand the dharma, the gift of being a life-giver, but knowing somehow by staying true to your authentic calling, that you will be liberated as you move along.

The path is not easy, the journey is quite transforming. The self-discipline of the inner world is where many cannot see the truth in the physical form. The transformation is more within the self. While others may want to change the course of your path, the path cannot be detoured even if others try to delay it.

Forgiveness is love in action. What one doesn’t understand, they can never comprehend until they have walked the journey themselves. Forgiveness is a key to liberation since many choose to offend out of their own personal pain and suffering. Compassion is understanding you cannot do the work for them, but they must find the answers themselves. Liberation cannot come from others solely, but from liberating yourself.

Forgiveness is allowing others to find their way, while you continue to walk your journey.