Asking questions is very important to gaining knowledge. It plays a very important role in analysis of data that our senses collect and find ways to enrich our life. There are simple questions for which we can find answers through our near and dear ones or by ourselves. For questions on bigger things like Spirituality, Dharma or God we read a lot, listen to philosophers and gurus. To fully understand them, we need to contemplate a lot. This takes a lot of effort and time. If we can device a formula or create broader principles, it will save us lots of time and wisdom will flow enriching our lives.

1- What should I do? 

One formula that I use very often is Gunas. This one formula alone has saved me lots of time and helped in taking decisions. What Guna I will get if I eat this particular food or drink this beverage? Am I avoiding this confrontation because of Tamsic Gunas or Satvik Guna? I always use this formula to take  decision on many things. Imagine this, whatever you do it is going to affect your Guna. Every thoughts and actions of ours  will affect us. So this formula has a wide scope of applicability.

So whenever you have a doubt as to what you should do? Use the Formula “Gunas”. You will get an answer immediately.

2-What Is Dharma?

There are lots of Dharma Shastras in our culture. We can read them and get enlightened. Some times these Dharma shastras or religious holy books, because they were written 1000’s of years ago they could have ideas which are redundant. Many were written based on culture existing on those times. Many holy books revered across the world has such stuff. Manu Smritti is one such text that is related to Sanatana Dharma. We don’t need to bury them nor follow it word to word. On such circumstances you can use the following formula. “Every act or thought of our’s should result in purifying our mind or strengthening our body”. This is our only Dharma. 

So whenever you have to make a decision use this formula, “ Will this act or thought, purify my mind or strengthen my physique”? You will get answers.

3- –Why I am falling Sick?

Our health is of paramount importance to us. Without it we can never do anything. Many times we fall ill and blame our stars for the same. Most of us have at least 1 long term illness in us. We wonder why? Any disease be it small or terminal it is because we have slacked some where in the following 8 things. 




4-Physical activity, 

5-Gut health,


7-Environmental toxins and 


So whenever you fall ill and wonder why? use this formula and find where you went wrong. It can only be within these 8 parameters. Plan your recovery based on these 8.


குணம்நாடிக் குற்றமும் நாடி அவற்றுள்

மிகைநாடி மிக்க கொளல்.

Regarding improving your relationship with others, you dont have to look beyond this Kural. In this kural Thiruvalluvar gives a suggestion. There is no perfect person. He says count the Good qualities and bad qualities of a person. If he has more good qualities he is a good person. If you want to enjoy the honesty of your good friend then you will have to tolerate his laziness. Be it your Spouse, parent, children, sibling and employee it is the same. They are a package. When they have more of bad qualities then it could be time to move on instead of thinking about the few good things with them. Let us also remember to count our limitations and strengthen our good qualities and bring happiness for those around us. Enjoy your child’s mistakes, allow your spouse to commit mistakes, cover up for your subordinates limitations and don’t feel guilty about your limitations embrace them try your best to overcome them. 

Whenever you are confused regarding a relationship use the formula and find the answer.


What does it take to succeed in life? Do we know the answer? Yes, we all know. Hard work, smart work, focus and concentration, Information, education, relationship skill, health we can list so many. We know we need active lifestyle, but how many of have a routine doing Asanas, going to Gym or Sports? We can attend webinars and learn new things also. Even after knowing what it takes, why is that we don’t realise our full potential? We have the knowledge but when it comes to executing it, we stumble. Reason is we lack motivation. Day in and day out because of our lifestyle we spend all our energy in non productive things and negativity. It sucks the energy out of us. This is why we lack energy and sometimes even moving a muscle becomes a big task. If you see the life of a truly spiritual person they would be spending very little time for sleep and still have so much energy. This is another tell tale sign of highly spiritual person. Through philosophy and practices they would have reduced their negativity and they focus only in few important things.

So whenever you feel you are not successful in your life, apply this formula (Why am I lacking motivation?) and find answers.

6-Am I a spiritual person?

 Spiritual path is a prolonged one. Although we strive to become a spiritual person we are unable to gauge our progress in it. What if our path is wrong? We would be spending a lifetime thinking we are making progress but the reality could be quite opposite. No Guru will be able to give us a certificate. The only parameter we can use to measure is how easily you can be happy. If minor things can make you happy then you  have made good progress. If a small flower, slight drizzle and other little things brings happiness to you, then you are in the right path. This happens because you would have knowingly or unknowingly used Bakthi, Gnana or Karma Yoga and your Ego would have been deflated. Destruction of Ego is very important to reduce Dukkha in our life. The opposite to this is getting irritated for small things. Your spouse would be the first person to notice your ascension in spirituality. Highly spiritual person will first make the life of those around them very easy.

So if you want to apprise your Spiritual progress use this formula (Is small things making me happy?) and find the answer.

7-Religion – 

Evidence and reasoning.

For all that a religion could offer what actually have we achieved? We discriminated our fellow humans based on “Jathi” treated them as Untouchables. We call the local culture as “Pagans” and their Gods as “Satan” and buy them through money and false narrative. We call non believers as “Kaffirs” and commit all kind of injustice to them and make their life hell. Instead of looking at fellow humans as children of God, instead of seeing all animate and inanimate things as creation of God, all that we have achieved is just discrimination. Whose mistake is this? Scriptures? NO. By chance I saw a book on “Sanatana Dharma” and after reading the first page, I closed the book. Not because I did not like the book. The wisdom on the first page was enough for me. I felt as if I got Liberated. I am sharing it here.

yukti-yuktam upādeyam vacanam bālakād api | anyat tṛnam iva tyājyam apyuktam padma-janmanā ||

“A sensible and useful statement should be accepted even from a child. Everything else should be rejected like straw, even though spoken by Brahma himself!”

If we use this formula we would get wisdom or else we will be just be slaves serving the needs of few crooked people.

When we start finding answers with these broader principles and find answers to most questions in our life, We will stop bombarding gurus with questions and we will visit him just for his grace and blessings. We will stop praying to God seeking answers but visit him with a clear head and will pray to him for Adirshta Phala. You will only contemplate on his omni potent and omni presence. When your mind is clear your Bakthi will increase and you will engage more in devotion. 

If you use such formulas pls share in comments section.