Priyanka “this September is my daughter’s first birthday , I will celebrate it with gusto”. “I had booked a house in that Colony for my family”. These were some of the talk by my school friend Rahul (name changed)in February 2022. We both talked almost daily for we shared the common interests of trading in Indian stock market. A very simple hard-working guy who plans day and night for his daughter and  wife .He loved them deeply. As usual  on the following Monday I got a call from his number and definitely I thought it’s him calling me to have a discussion on this bear market .BUT , but this time it was something different. On the other side  was his wife who said to me “didi Rahul has got a brain stroke” .I was astonished for how a healthy guy of 30 years old who was very active can get a brain stroke. She said that his left side got paralyzed and doctor has decided to do a surgery . His wife was very optimistic and is a  very strong woman. Surgery was  successfull .We all were again in a hope that he would definitely recover.His wife used to encouraged him by saying “kuch nahi hua hai ,you will recover soon”for we both have to look after our daughter. After some days he was subjected to tracheostomy .Few days later  suddenly  he got cardiac arrest in the hospital and was declared dead by the doctors. Next day  when I went to his home I just could not believe my eyes a body wrapped in a white polythene was lying down on the floor. His wife was bit unconscious. I just could not believe my eyes that a body which once posses endless dreams will be having no traces after its burnt as if it never existed .How can a 30 year old guy who was not having any issue with his health can die. His very recent conversation with me was echoing inside me as if he was just a dream.
its strange how death gives full stop to a sentence called life in the eternal paragraph.For every death that happens remind us that one day nature will repossess  its greatest gift given to us ” a human body” when and how is just a matter of time.

                             मृत्यु के हाथ में जीवन डोरी,जन्म से ही इस ओर है खींचे|
                             आवागमन के चक्र मे प्राणी ,कौन से सुख से आत्मा सींचे |

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