Non smoker,non alcohol toucher, no non veg eater, engineering and degree and and i a s officer with his own house ,no responsibility and no greed was my Dietician s handsome husband! Can any one but think of a dream life marrying such a man with an army of house helps too? 

I m so releaved and free that i feel like flying confided my sincere, efficient, hardworking and graceful dietician in me.

Recently her husband died fighting cancer for last 2 years. I looked at her astonished weather to sympathies or feel happy that she is free from the clutches of a Narcissist.

How she dresses, how much her teeth r visible while smiling, whom does she talk to how much,why does she shop long in market or which position will she sleep in or with which relative will she talk how much were all decided by the physicaly and verbally abusive husband.

Why did you talerate so much asked her I! You have 2 boys and a professional degree aswell a house to your name and more than comfortable regular income!

  1. Lok Laaj( fear of society) said the innocent/ coward woman.