A/N: This is a beautiful poem written by my elder sister, Bhavita. Although she will soon be creating her own account, I really wanted to share this with my os.me family. Don’t worry, all rights reserved, asked for her permission first 🙃 If you miss your childhood (Or trying to get out of it, same thing 👀) Read forth, Happy Reading! 

Swaying akin a bemused child,

Toppling on teak wood-

That’s certainly expensive,

But not, as much- a childhood

Rolled up in the polkadot covers,

Like the joy of ‘mayo in ham’,

With bright round glasses,

Itched in engram

Emanates, a body-lean,

Emancipated from the mess,

Of crushed sheets,

gleamed-and the dullness- grew less

Innocence, fondles with life,

As it sprinkles its moments throughout,

Cherished is the love,

A delicate childhood brings about.