.thats where i was in my life,at a full stop.
Past should remain in the past, geared with that thought I was going on with my life.If you haven’t completed dealt with your past ,it has a humour of its own.
Sitting in my office at the end of the day ,ready to climb into my car ,for an hour long journey back home.As I was wrapping up around me ,my phone started to ring,was in one mind of not picking up the phone but the name flashing on the screen caught my attention,” Panditji” .
Couple of weeks back i had given him my horoscope or horror scope you might call curiousity got better of me, I picked up the phone.
“Jai shree Krishna Radhaji,how are you ?”
“Jai shree Krishna panditji,I am good”,I replied.
Typically of him he got straight to the point,” “Radhaji I saw your horoscope and things arent looking good, infact someone has done black magic on you and that too a very strong one in the graveyard,and there is this entity which has visited you twice and we need to do something about it,its very urgent”.
I have been a tarot reader since quite sometime and one rule that i followed amongst others, was never get into the conversation or conection on black magic or spells.My respect for him did not make me cut him short ,I listened and told him i shall get back to him in couple of days .
Walking towards my car I called up my friend Gauri and told her about this incident,we had a laugh and cracked couple of lame jokes(which we thought was funny).
I was listening to music as I was driving home thinking of the day and what more needed to get done and all of a sudden from no where a person came in front of my car ,in a split second I swerved my car sharply towards the left with tire screeching at the sudden swerve and brake.I parked my car on the side and ran out to see what had happened between that time,it was normal traffic no one even bothered to slow down as if nothing had happened.I went back to my car sat down,my heart was racing million miles a minute,I went completely blank,in that time something that had occurred came back to me.Couple of weeks back i had a feeling that someone was in the room with me,it was strange as i sleep alone and lock my door while sleeping,this feeling was strong ,i remembered switching on the light and looking around.I had forgotten about in the morning rush of doing things,now it just came rushing back.probably the panditji had spooked me more then i allowed my self to think.
Days went by all these incidents were forgotten until one day I got a call from Gauri.
Workshop had just got over and had gone to check on my phone saw several missed call most importantly of Gauri and couple of messages.
“Oye Radha have been calling you”Gauri answered as i returned her call,I have sent you a picture does it resemble anyone you know”she asked.I looked at the photograph and was a bit taken aback as it did resemble someone i did know but not directly and that person had passed away long back,there was no way Gauri could have known her and how she looked.”Yes I answered,but why do you ask?”.What she said next freezed me,”Radha she is in front of me”.
Rest you all know from Gauri Om’s story.
She insisted that i go with her to Bangalore to attend the astrology workshop conducted by Om Swamiji.
When I went there was sitting on the second row and He called out for people who had Aries as their first house,I a m a very shy person in talking in front of a crowd let alone go on stage,her I was putting my hand up and he immediately called me on stage with a nod and a hand gesture.
Walking up to the stage there was no fear, it felt like the most natural thing to do,I went and stood right next to him,He asked what were my likes and dislikes ,where I am from ,what food I liked,who inspires me and even before i knew it i was answered to Him that i inspire myself and I completely detest liars,He said”Liars”,I said yes.Having a conversation with Him and talking in front of almost 200 hundred people.It felt It was the most natural thing to do.
I believe and belived that your Higher self is your Guru,your Guru is within you and would not understand having a Guru outside of myself.
That day I understood Guru can be a person who can within a second of His glance remove your fears ,as if they never existed.
That moment I knew no entity ,black magic could touch me.
Everything after that trip felt it was orchestrated by the Divine everything fell into its place.
In Him I see a Friend ,a contemporary,a colleague who will always have my back.

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