There are three types of relationships in a person’s life. There are relationships of the intellect, which cannot be very deep. There are relationships of love, which are deeper than the intellect because they arise from the heart. Then there are even deeper relationships, which arise from the navel. They go deeper than love. Love can end; friendship never ends. We can hate tomorrow those whom we love today – but the one who is a friend can never become an enemy. If he becomes an enemy then know that there was no friendship in the first place. The relationships of friendship are of the navel – they are relationships of deeper and unknown realms. That is why Buddha did not tell people to love each other. He called the relationship ’friendship’. ”Friendship is a much deeper thing than love. Love can end, friendship never ends.” Love binds, friendship gives freedom. Love can enslave somebody. It can possess, it can become a master. Friendship does not become someone’s master, it does not hold anyone back, it does not imprison – it frees. Love becomes bondage because the lovers insist that the other should not love anyone else but himself. Friendship has no such insistence. One person can have thousands of friends, because friendship is a very vast, very deep experience. It arises from the deepest center of life. That is why friendship ultimately becomes the greatest way to take us towards the divine. One who is a friend to all will reach the divine sooner or later, because his relationships are happening with everyone’s navel center. And some day or other he is bound to become related to the navel center of the universe. One’s relationships in life should not be merely intellectual, they should not be only heart full – they should be deeper, they should be of the navel. We are connected with very far away sources of life-energy which we cannot see. We know that the moon is very far away, yet it has some unknown influence on sea water. We know that the sun is very far away, but it is connected to life with some invisible threads. An invisible flow from the sun leaves its influence on us. There are some more invisible sources of life-energy which reach to us in this way – they manage our life continuously. Not only the sun, not only the moon, not only the stars in the sky, but life itself has a flow of energy which is not seen by us anywhere and which continuously influences and manages our centers. The more receptive our center is, the more this energy can influence our life. The less receptive our center is, the less this energy will be able to influence it. Life-energy is flowing from all directions but those whose navel centers are not open will be deprived of that flow. They will not even know about it. They will not even realize that this energy was there and could have affected them.



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