Think about some of the situations from your life when you felt most frustrated, depressed or anxious. 

Most likely one of the common things in all those situations you will find that the anxiety is about time.  For example—

  • If a person is in a bad marriage, he will likely be depressed by the feeling of spending the rest of his life with his partner. 
  • If somebody close to a person has an incurable disease, then that person likely will have a depressed feeling about that person spending the rest of his life with the sickness.
  • If a person had a bad childhood then that person must have been depressed and dreaming about a time when he will grow older and get out of that situation.
  • If a student has had a failure in his academics, he most likely will be depressed about his future.

So what’s the solution when time is scaring us ? 

Become friends with time. Rather than seeing it as your enemy and as something that scares you, if you can find a way to make time your best friend, then it will automatically solve most of life’s problems. How do you do it ?

You need to change your perspective. How? the following thought helps me when I am depressed. 

This life of mine on earth is only one of the trillions of trillions of lifetimes I have in all the dimensions of time and space. If you are depressed or joyous now, it will most likely be repeated trillions of times in future and must have had happened trillions of times in the past as well.  So stop worrying about anything because everything that is happening around you is happening for a reason, which is in turn based on your karma. That is how nature works. 

I don’t know why, but the merely thinking this thought helps me feel better. If you really want to get out from the cycles of births and deaths, then understand the concepts of Bhagavad Gita, but that is a different topic.