I was a yes women,never knew how to say NO.always pleasing others always.from childhood,baggage I guess.An adopted child,my real mom never gave me any care,as a child came in insecurity,lack of love,feeling to be appreciated .I can go on and on,

Which led to clinical depression,ocd,fear,anxiety and for years on medicine.Got married,depression won’t leave me,in the airline people called me mad,at home no one cared.

Then my own journey started,first with Sri Sri Ji,for 6 years.sorry I could not connect.But nature has its ways.Then came my guru ,Omswami.from nowhere.my prabhuji as I call him.

Bhakti,surrender was my key mantra,one glimpse of master .was enough.

Then black lotus,non stop from one goal to another what was the need of the hour.you can see my static score.Then came the part of applying what I was learning through my goals. 

And what doI see a new me,left all social media.stopped peeking in others life.did forgiveness meditation again and again till the wounds healed.Hey I could say NO ,when I wanted to.I was becoming strong,by each day.happy in myself,just me and Bhagwan.Please humbly try it,it works .It will help you in all aspects of life.By the grace of my guru not one word of lie.