There’s no hate, but lack of love.

There’s no neediness, but a lack of completeness.

There’s no suffering, but a lack of happiness.

There are no boundaries, but a lack of oneness.

There’s no devil, but a lack of god.

There’s no evil, but a lack of goodness.

There’s no ignorance, but a lack of understanding.

There’s no judgment, but a lack of acceptance.

There’s no falsehood, but lack of Truth. 

There’s no ugliness, but a lack of vision-depth to see beauty.

There’s no victim, but a lack of pure-passion 

There’s no mediocre but lack of being a messenger of God.

There’s no punishment, but a lack of respect for life

There’s no death, but a lack of aliveness.

There’s no resistance, but a lack of effortlessness/flow

There’s no who are you but lack of who you want to be.

There’s no superiority but a lack of humbleness.

There’s no inauthenticity, but a lack of courage to express 

There’s no repression but a lack of expression.

There’s no not-acceptance but a lack of forgiveness.

There’s no mundane but lack of vision to see holism

There’s no narcissism but a lack of self-love

There’s no chaos but a lack of deep silence.

There’s no not getting an answer but a lack of deep questioning.

There’s no enlightenment but a lack of burning selfless desire 

There’s no physical but lack of metaphysical.

There’s no not-connected but lack of interconnectedness

There’s no im-perfection but a lack of desire to see perfection.

There’s no no-self but lack of Iamness

There’s no lackness but you’re alreadyness.

You’re already complete, happy, loving, wise, heading towards who you want to be, forgiving, accepting, effortless, respecting, ecstatic, Enlightened.

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