A Thoughtful Take Away from The Visit To The Humayun’s Tomb….Today it is in The list of Unesco Heritage list,sponsered by Aga Khan Trust, An Important Landmark od Delhi tour,A Forerunner of Taj Mahal.
The design of Blank Slate on The female Queen’s grave n carving of pen box on the male king’s cenotaph,✍ symbolic of he being the main Protagonist in her life,by writing script on her blank slate of life…Actually, a non breathing, heartless cenotaph, can be the testimony, as wishes by the religion tenet

History proves, No royal woman was so lifeless,without holding Religious Titles.. No Hurry, no worry for Them.. The tomb itself stands proof of being built by a woman,Hamida banu,Tha chief Queen’s Tribute to a Husband, who tumbled through out his life n tumbled out of life,slipping from the stairs, as a result of opium overdose

 These Royal women had profound influence on the men they birthed 👥,loved,protected, advised.. Some were fortunate to live out their ambitions n aspirations.. TajMahal is The biggest influence of Mumtaz on Shah Jahan,even after her demise.Gul hasan wrote biography of her courageous father Babar,Nur jahan helped her wayward husband to rule with firmhand…some ladies were granted mansabs n jagirs through Royal Furman… Jahanara spent her life with father shah jahan imprisoned in Agra fort by Son ,👩
 Jodha Bai,a friend n perfect companion of Akbar,made 💙Salman Rushdie conclude to be Akbar’s figment of imagination 👌