I asked the flower

                    teach me to love,

                                    she replied: follow me to the garden 

            I asked the rainbow

                                       make me colorful 

                                         it said, bask .. bask with me.

       I went   to  the peacock  ,give me your beauty

                                                              dance in the rain .

                 when love filled my heart

                                             eyes are closed

              i murmur the song

                                                              it echoed separation

o… my heart scares to the end

                                             will i see you from distance again?

the flower, the peacock and the rainbow

                                                they are not alone….

their lovers are there.

                                    your voice echoes from distance

The fragrance you carry, remind me of the Parijat

                               what is attachment

wise one says it is not love

                          I am not wise, but tears are true like your smile

when you look at me

                                                I feel I  exist

I touch your wooden sandals

                                                             I talk to you

have you ever heard

            O Sakha

                        I am not Radha or Meera

I am an ignorant human

                                                And there are faults in my star..