1. After a couple of years,of practicing as a tour guide it was a welcome company, two americans, one black and other white,complementing each other, dressed up in similar attire, two bodies, one soul. No one ever excepted,3decades back,of Barack obama, as president of Americans,
     In spite of having woman as Indin PM,they had a different view of indian woman folk,as Oppressed, No say Objects..They had only met Educated, smiling,emancipated hospitality female staff.They were impressed with me ,drapped in saree,flexible to their demands.. I used my patience to grasp different accents of Americans, Australians, British,japanese, italiano, germans, at times using body language😂 Most common topic was our caste system n other cultural diversity, we diplomatically handled..I was shocked ,when one of them thought I won’t dine with them… This was, mind it,40 years back…one compassionate couple was surprised, why a rickshaw puller was refused entry in the restaurant, as entry being restricted, was a British Legacy. I too faced an unpleasant situation, when an old Americans refuse to share the tour with an AfroAmerican,from the same renowned travel Agency.🚌, I recalled Maya Angelou.. They made me sit on the back seat alongside with them,and the ebony complexion lady,gentleness personified, with the driver,for two days,old Delhi and new delhi tours,embarrassing one and all.These prejudices, are our inflated Ego,of smaller Self…we are also ambassador for our larger self,our vast heart…Om Swamiji helping our fraternity overcome these devilishsocial conditioning.

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