Are often the darkest
But the stars are brighter
The falling stars are gazed
And a pounding wish along..

Those are nights of dust
Pretty honest even stirred
Given wings they fly high
That’s where they belong..

The stars sparkle the truth
Much before the spoken
The clearest of vision
Witnessing the broken..

above the sky when seen
Are the diamonds resting
And when they shine
The smiles are crystal clean

At times are the nights scary
Seems the ways are weird
But walking them with faith
see no devil seems they are tired

Smiling at the dark cloud
And hope In the heart
Strengthens the senses
Where the prayers start

There is someone out there
Flying above the skies
Blowing the bad
And their hidden lies

The breezes are cool
And soul speaking
Yet are not seen
Heard demons breaking

The whispers of the wind
Winding the thoughts unsaid
Are often the eyes 
and the unsaid were read

Hearing the nights move
Clouds cruising their way
Singing the only song
You have to just pray….

Closing those eyes
Slipping into the sleep
Waking to the silver ray
Hoping for the big leap..