Before the time period of my very first one-day vow even finishes, I am writing this post for giving a pat on my back😊. This is what I had  read in some book on affirmations that visualise the mission already accomplished, visualise success already achieved and so on.    As I already am writing my success story, am sure this thought of making it happen would be a support and a strong booster to carry on with my vow.

Well, as for a child even small is big,  my this smallest of small vow is also big for me. This is my FIRST, very first, vow. After al, the beginning of journey matters a lot, a lot. Isn’t it?

Till now I could never muster enough courage even to challenge my tendencies to behave, to command my senses to follow what I say.  I was always under suppression of my mind who would say, “don’t take any vow. Your will-power is so weak.”  And being what I am, I always obeyed it and loved my comfort zone a lot. The idea of breaking a vow felt worse and  it felt more dignified to NOT take any determination over breaking it mid way.

So from someone who always felt a sense of ‘wow’! after listening to other’s strong and successful stories of Vow, today I take me very first step onto the Road of VOWs.

Any guesses as to what is my today’s vow? Its a very simple one, lasting for 24 hours only and relates to eating habits. 😊😊

Do make a guess🥰🥰.

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