Hello everyone, this is the 2nd part , you can read the first part here

                                  As you all know, those who had read the 1st part how a female dog and her puppies ended at my home and the events that occurred during their stay.  The day Bhuri (mother of the puppies) passed,  Fudge , Oreo  and Sheru did not know what happened, they thought their mother was sleeping, they carried on with their way of playing. as they were just one month old. My brother took the puppies inside our home and we made necessary arrangements for Bhuri. I just thought now what to do with the puppies should I call an NGO to take them away or let them be the way just outside my garden. I decided let them stay in the garden as they are used to, once they grow, they will go by themselves. When Oreo, Fudge and Sheru came outside in the evening, they went to the place where their mother was sleeping, but she was not there. They were looking all around the garden for her and even making sounds, because they knew when they will make sounds their mother will come,but it was all in vain she did not come. After sometime, they were busy among themselves playing with the small kids of our society. The next day it was all normal again, the puppies were playing and eating, having fun, it all came to routine again. Just as usual the next door uncle used to bring milk, kids used to bring biscuits, everything was going good.  sometimes even I thought I will keep them here in my home but the thinking that I have to daily clean their potty, take them for walk , make them to do pee, feed them , all these things it looked like lot of work,that I dropped the idea and just let them stay in my garden, let them do whatever they want , once they grow they will go by themselves. 

                                              It was six days since Bhuri passed, again it was a sunday, as usual I got up late in the morning. When I went to feed them the morning breakfast, all the three brothers Oreo, Fudge and Sheru were sitting under the SUV of my neighbor. Usually their mother used to sit there, now they started doing it. I called them and said food is ready. Seeing me Fudge came running to me for having his biscuits , Oreo and Sheru were not in their mood of having breakfast. I called again Oreo, Sheru, usually I used to whistle, hearing the whistle sounds all three together would come, they knew that someone is calling them for food , this time Oreo came, but Sheru Bhai was still adamant, he was just sitting under the SUV , not at all listening, after feeding Oreo and Fudge, I went inside to do my daily chores. Just 15 minutes later I heard my brother calling me from outside, shouting my name, vijay jaldi aao, jaldi aao, (vijay come fast, come fast). Hearing his voice I went outside. What my eyes saw that time, I was in a shock, Sheru died , he was rammed by the SUV tyres, hearing Sheru scream ,Fudge went to his rescue,seeing Fudge , Oreo also went behind him,each of them were rolling under the tyre of the SUV , my neighbor realised that the puppies are under the car,he stopped the car. Usually he used to look daily under the car to see if at all any dog is having a nap or not, but today he did not look .Sheru died on spot,Fudge was bleeding profusely, oreo escaped even though he was under the tyre, he escaped, not a drop of blood came from his body. My brother along with his friend took Fudge to the hospital to save him.I took Oreo inside with me. He was very scared seeing his brother die in front of him, seeing the scene, he went into silent mode. Oreo not an inch from his place for two hours.I was praying to god just save Fudge. Seeing all this happening made me feel bad, it was my fault , if at all I had brought Sheru inside  and closed the gate ,this incident would not have happened, nor Sheru would have died nor Fudge’s life would have been in danger. I had not the courage to call my brother is Fudge ok or not. My brother returned from the clinic along with Fudge with a plaster on one of his hind legs, Fudge got a leg fractured. He was unconscious, the doctor had given him pain killer injection. On seeing Fudge, Oreo went towards him and slept with his brother. When Fudge regained conscious he was screaming in pain, crying like a baby, seeing all this made me even cry, if at all he could speak he could tell how much in pain he was,just last sunday he lost his mother and not even six days passed one of his brother also has gone.  I am ending this part know thought of writing the whole incident in one shot but I am not able to complete it, will write someother day how life taken unexpected turns in Fudge and Oreo ‘s case.






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