With the intense energies shifting from post holidays, flowing into Aquarius from Capricorn, we are finding ourselves more sensitive to our surroundings. Feelings are becoming more intensified and as a whole we are feeling the need for nurturing others as we must for ourselves as well. Giving gratitude in these moments is vitally important and a releasing response to grandeur the universe is bleeding onto us. Even when all else seems overwhelming and chaotic or swarming with negative emotions, it will never be the end all be all. Nothing that is unbalanced can survive, hence, nothing lasts forever. We must wax and wane with the tides of the universal pulls and shifts. As each wave makes us feel as if we are drowning, we mustn’t give up and we must push to swim up to breathe again. 

Have you been feeling the push of the intense astrological energies lately? Have your loved ones or have you noticed anyone else signifying a similar experience? How have you been adjusting and handling it all the last several weeks? What are some strategies you focus on to recenter yourself or help others to experience oneness within themselves? 

What can we proceed to do as a society to help one another when these impactful shifts occur?  

Pause today, take a deep breath, release gratitude and honor yourself and others. 

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