Blog-Function of brain-ideomotor nerves system

How does the brain and nervous system  work?

Think of the brain as a central computer that controls all the body’s functions. The rest of the nervous  system is like a network that relays message back and forth from the different parts of body .It does this via the spinal cord which runs from the brain 🧠 down through the back . The brain controls what we think the way we move and talk and feel, how we learn and remember. It also controls all the vital function  of heart ❤️and lungs 🫁. 

It’s wt is 3 pounds , it has many folds and grooves , it gives added surface for storing the data . It takes 25 % of total blood of 5 litres contained in body per minute . It also takes very high quality of Oxygen , oxygen burns the glucose  , it provides energy to brain for doing  function . In case brain does not get oxygen only for 3 minutes , it will go in comma state very difficult to revive , brain has a quality that once gone , gone permanently, no recovery . Brain is friend of heart ❤️ having mutual understanding , helping each other sincerely by sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve system connected to heart for controlling the beats of heart ❤️.

Good morning , May Goddess smiles on you and your  family in Navratra Auspicious days .

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