The virtue that’s the most endearing of Gandhi Ji is his Simplicity and the simple conduct with which he carried himself throughout his life. The grace with which Gandhi Ji walked in his Dhoti and Shawl (made from Khadi cloth hand woven by him on a Charkha) showed his Simplicity to everyone who had the honor of meeting him or seeing him. Wherever Gandhi Ji went, thousands of people started following him because of his simple conduct. For a layman, it was really surprising to see the biggest Revolutionist of the world at that time carrying just a wooden stick in his hand and bare minimum clothing on his body; walking and inspiring millions at a time. The people that Gandhi Ji inspired even include Great Revolutionists like Martin Luther King Jr. And Nelson Mandela. Gandhi Ji has even quoted that,” There is goodness as well as greatness in Simplicity, not in wealth”. I think we can learn a lot from Gandhi Ji’s Simplicity and simple conduct in today’s flashy and showoff world.

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